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Horses in the snow. (revisited).

During the heavy snow we had a few weeks ago, I captured and posted a photograph of horses in the snow on my Flickr gallery. Here is a modified version of that shot, which, although I'm not overly keen on applying cheesy filters to photographs, Instagram style; I quite like the end result in this case.


It won't go through the hole.


On April 2nd. Royal Mail introduced a revised pricing structure, supposedly to make sending letters and parcels simpler, with fewer price bands - but, effectively almost doubling the cost of sending many items.
Unfortunately, I was caught in the middle of this price increase, as I had listed three items on eBay during the previous week, with postage priced at the previous rates.
The increase on two of the items was not huge; rising from £3.65 to £4.10, but on the third, the increase almost totally wiped out the selling price of the item.
The problem was, that although the item was very light (just over 100 grams), it was fractionally larger than the permitted size for the lower price band. The method of assessing the size, is whether or not the item will fit through a letter box. The local post office had a piece of plastic with a letter box shaped hole in it to test this.
So, I had to pay £6.75.
What really annoyed me was that the service I used was First Class Recorded, which requires a signature from the recipient, thereby requiring him or her to open the door, enabling the parcel to be passed through a hole somewhat larger than a letter box.

The general feeling is that Royal Mail is being fattened up for privatisation, however, I suspect that customers will just seek more cost effective alternatives.


Finsthwaite Reflections.

Another image captured at Finsthwaite Tarn, in The English Lake District.

Larger versions of this photograph can be found on my Flickr and 500px portfolios.


Low sun on Finsthwaite Tarn.

As yet another downpour approached, the low sun picked out the tarn and the trees against a dark sky.


Finsthwaite Tarn.

Captured during a walk around Finsthwaite Tarn (High Dam), in The English Lake District, on February 1st. 2013.


An exercise in The Rule of Thirds. (Part 2).

I recall saying in a recent post, that I dislike being bound by rules and conventions.

So, here I am... bound again.


Morning Mist.


An exercise in The Rule of Thirds.

Everyone who has studied art, design or photography, should know about The Rule of Thirds - so I'm not going to go into a detailed definition of what it is, and whether or not it is important in composition.
I tend to dislike being bound by rules and conventions.
This shot, however, conforms to the rule.





Wrought shadows.

I took a few photographs on my travels today. There are one or two that I feel may be worth posting. 

This was taken late this afternoon. The low sun, across the River Dee estuary, picking out this ornamental wrought iron balustrade on the front of a house on Parkgate promenade.

I really like the shadow detail and the colour and quality of the light.